I knew I wanted to be a photographer since I was about 4 years old. I got a fisher price camera for my birthday and took pictures of everything (including photos of my cats dressed up in doll clothing) I know they just loved that! Some of my favorite pictures that I have taken as a young child would have to be my dad cleaning out our chimney and I captured a silhouette of him in the sun’s rays. My second favorite photo would have to be the day my mom got a new sundress and she asked me to take photos of her in it out in the yard, on a nice spring day. When we got the film processed, my mom was so excited to see them, we discovered that I had the camera backwards durning the whole shoot and it was just pictures of my eye. I have gotten better since then, I swear.

I photographed my first wedding when I was 16. I think I knew at that point that this could be my career. I love having everyday be different and meeting new people.

Soon after I graduated and finished my photography schooling, I landed my first photography related job. Working the reception desk at a local studio. I just knew getting my foot in the door was all I needed. Slowly over the years I went from reception/taking orders to custom lab printer to one of the photographers. After staying with that company for 14 years I decided that I needed to leave. I needed to express myself behind the camera in ways that I couldn’t there. And this starts the beginning story of Digital Dreamer. I’m so thankful friends and family encouraged me to do so. It has been an awesome adventure putting my own ideas out there. I enjoy doing all types of photography. I even fly up in planes if you need an aerial photograph of your property. Challenging myself has always been my drive, and it will always be what I thrive for.